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It all started at the age of 30, pregnant with my first little boy.

We settled, my man and I, to watch a movie after a whole day (with some contractions still). When suddenly, I was taken from itchy to my face. It was hard for me to scratch since I felt like I had a big sunburn. To give you an idea, I could not support a wick of hair on my forehead. He followed unbearable pain at the head. grrrrr. A pain to slamper his head against the wall.

The next day, I went to see my mother's general practitioner since mine took only by appointment. According to my symptoms, she immediately thought of an autoimmune disease "Guillain Bar", the worry is, that being pregnant, there was not so much solution to relieve me ...

She then gave me some problems with my pregnancy and advised me to use a hyaluronic acid cream. After use of the cream, the itching were less present until the complete decrease in this very unpleasant feeling. Unfortunately, burns as well as head pain became more and more difficult to bear, not counting the pain due to my pregnancy !

So I made an appointment with my general practitioner during which I explained my symptoms. I also told him that I felt a ball at the top of my head. He looked closer, oscult and touched the painful point. It was then that he told me laughing that I was perfectly symmetrical and that there was absolutely nothing. Except that I really did not want to laugh at that time and that if there was something !

He added that he could not prescribe MRI knowing that I was pregnant, so I had to wait to get an order for an MRI after delivery. I really had the feeling that my doctor had not taken me seriously and, unfortunately, there was not that he who gave me that impression. Still, however, not to complain, I still had my mother's shoulder on whom to support me.

Some time after my delivery, having pain again, I went to make my MRI and I prayed that there was something and to finally take me seriously. Just after the MRI, the doctor moved to tell me about my results, asking me if I was accompanied, I understood in his head that it was serious.

It was at this moment that he told me that I had white spots that appear at the brain level and that a neurologist had to be consulted. On the spot, I was relieved to know that there was something but, on the other hand, I told myself that it looked rather serious. A few days later, I had an appointment with a neurologist who diagnosed me quite quickly the plate sclerosis.

"Taking advantage" that I was pushing, he invited me to go to the hospital to check his diagnosis by a lumbar puncture and analyzes. It is therefore a few days later that a nurse contacted me to make my entrance to the hospital. I will never forget this date since it was precisely the day of my 30th birthday and that it was impossible for me to celebrate with dignity. So I spent less than 2 weeks at the hospital during which they realized radios, a new MRI, complementary analyzes, blood tests but no lumbar puncture for lack of success in stinging in the right place ... even after 5 attempts, they preferred to stop! I sincerely thought I died at this moment (especially since it's usually said that, what does the worst thing, it's the sting.

Well, for having suffered 5 times in a row, I confirm !). I had a very agitated night with the pain I felt in the back. The next day, the nurse wished to retry the puncture. Not able to suffer that again, I refused. Despite this, the neurologist confirmed that there was no doubt about the SEP and that even without puncture, they could detect it while leaving himself "a margin of error of 3%".

Then came the day of the MS Information Meeting, that's what makes you realize that the SEP is an incurable self-immune disease that there is no possible healing. It is added that it is a degenerate and evolving disease that it is possible that after 10 years, the disease evolves and that you can finish in wheelchair ... nothing but that. On the spot, you say, "What is this delirium, take me out of this nightmare!" We are added that you will have to take a treatment for life. "Uh, sorry? You did not tell me it's a disease that can not be healing?" And then you are still added that you are going to have the choice between different treatments and that each treatment is accompanied by side effects: symptoms of influenza, respiratory tract infections and I pass. Ok, so for me it will be 1 stitch a week with an influenza effect ..!

After 6 months of bites, I spend a control of control. It is then observed that my analyzes are (very) bad because many indicators are multiplied by 10. At the request of the doctors, I urgently lead to the hospital, and there, I am told that I have a suspicion of illness hepatic and that my liver has been touched...

I tell you, really the descent into hell.

But that's not all, I'm asked and suspicious, to find out if I do not abuse medicine? "Well, very expensive sir, apart from the doliprane that I strongly advised me to take 1h before my sting, then the ibuprofen that I have to take 3h after, no I do not take anything else, not even the Doliprane was told to take the next day if I still had a bad thing ..! "

To tell you all, apart from the medications that I was prescribed in the hospital, I do not take anything at all. It is hallucinating, it was soon my fault to have gambled this grocery. Finally, I managed to go back to normal rates and therefore better health after a few months of lemon cure, herbal teas and especially stopping treatment. And yes, since that day, I decided to stop my treatment.

I am followed every year by my neurologist who does not judge me and who accompanies me in this will. He monitors closely, from tests and MRI, that everything is fine. To get there, I consulted natural therapists at 100 euros per hour. "And yes my little lady, health is expensive !".

I also informed about the reference books of people who have stabilized their illness (and yes, of course it happens, but that, we do not tell you, it's reserved for the elite ^^ ) In fact, no, I do not think so! But doctors will tell you that chances are lower (or even non-existent ...). What I answer: "If people have succeeded, why not me? Why not you ?!"

We may be more likely to stabilize the disease than to win the lottery. Some play, at all costs, and do not disassemble (joke truce).

For my part, I changed my life hygiene, I look now in a natural way, I remain optimistic about my state by avoiding a maximum of all sources of stress (which is sometimes very difficult, but it happens). According to the latest tests at the neurologist, it succeeds rather well. Of course, each case is different, you are still quite possible to follow these tips if you are taking a treatment, and you will be able to ask your doctor.

I wanted to write this blog to give you hope because everything collapses when we learn that we have an incurable and sometimes disabling disease. But our life does not stop there (!) So do not give up your projects and your dreams ...

I beg you, do not zap them! Adapt them, if necessary, to your state of health but do not let them escape, they will give you, on the contrary, of the force to stabilize the disease.

You have not deserved what happens to you do not punish, in addition, everything that could bring you comfort.

I do not think it's the best thing to do. You have the right, as much as anyone, to regain happiness or to build it. And I hope, through my sharing, can bring you avenues to feel a little better every day ...

I wanted to tell you that right now, I feel reliving, I have no more inflammation at the head, I have just never pains, and if it happens to me To have, I know right now what to do.

I found a serene sleep, even if I sometimes do not do my 8 hours (thank you baby ..!), Because I'm a late layer ^^

You will see moreover, in another article devoted to autoimmune diseases, that sleep is very important.

I also allow my holidays, even if for now we have suspended them Covid faults. We really live in a world of crazy! Moreover, protect yourself from the media, there is no worse as a source of stress, be careful.

Stress, we will also have the opportunity to talk about it again.

In future articles, I will reveal my little secrets of well-being everyday. See you soon !


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T'as de la chance, tu es tombée sur un bon neurologue moi j'ai dû changer, et j'ai dit clairement que je voulais plus de traitement il a fini par me laisser tranquille...

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